What Is Permanent Makeup?

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Permanent makeup is a form of tattooing that resembles applied cosmetics. Learn more about why people opt for this treatment and what services you can choose for yourself.

The Benefits of Permanent Makeup

Today’s technology has made permanent makeup possible, and some people prefer long-lasting cosmetics rather than manually applying makeup each day.

Women who have permanent makeup save time and don’t need to worry about spending money to keep their cosmetics in stock or making mistakes in the morning. It’s especially beneficial for impromptu occasions and after physical exercises. You will always look good and ready for your next program, no matter how tight your schedule is.

If you struggle with time management due to one reason or the other, permanent makeup’s the way to go. The long-lasting cosmetic will give you time to complete your errands without worrying about makeup.

Eyebrow Techniques


Microblading is perhaps the most well-known makeup tattooing. It enhances your brow’s appearance by making your brows appear fuller and bolder.

Unlike other tattoos, microblading does not involve an electric tool. The permanent makeup artist uses a handheld tool to create paper-cut incisions into the skin. The incisions are then filled with pigment that enhances a thick and full eyebrow appearance.

Powder Brows

Powder Brows are also called Ombre Brows or microshading. Rather than the scratching and filling method of microblading, a microneedle deposits pigment into the top layer of skin in dashes and dots.

If you have oily skin, powder brows might last longer than microblading, requiring fewer follow-up appointments.

Combo Brows

Combo brow combines traditional microblading and powder brows. The procedure involves making hair strokes around a natural brow line to achieve the most realistic look.

The powdered brow technique is then used to achieve full and bolder-looking brows to suit your face.

Permanent Eyeliner

The pigment is implanted along the lash line to darken it in a permanent eyeliner procedure.

You can achieve a liquid eyeliner look without worrying about drying or smudging. You choose the thickness to best suit your eyes and preferences.

Lip Blush

With a Lip Blush, the pigment is implanted into the lips with an electric tattoo machine. This method is versatile and can be customized to add color and shape to the lips. You choose the color you want, but often a subtle, rosy color is best for everyday looks.

Giving Permanent Makeup a Chance

Thinking that these methods could be the perfect addition to your beauty care? Speak with a technician near you and discover how you can look your best without sacrificing your precious time in front of a mirror every day.

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