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What Is Permanent Makeup?

dermaplaning banbury

Permanent makeup is a form of tattooing that resembles applied cosmetics. Learn more about why people opt for this treatment and what services you can choose for yourself. The Benefits of Permanent Makeup Today’s technology has made permanent makeup possible, and some people prefer long-lasting cosmetics rather than manually applying makeup each day. Women who […]

Do I Need to Shave My Eyebrows Off for Microblading? | Everything You Need to Know

semi permanent makeup eyebrow tattoo in banbury

Microblading is quickly gaining popularity as a strategy to fill in and shape eyebrows. Not only is it semipermanent, but it’s also quick and not excessively painful. If you have sparse eyebrows and are considering getting them microbladed, we’ll let you know if you should shave them and other factors to consider in this guide. […]