Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D & Biotin Injections

Vitamin C is hailed as a power punch to combat a variety of health and skin concerns. Not only will Vitamin C injections boost the immune system, they also support wound healing and collagen development. Studies support a role in weight loss and due to its absolute necessity in the body it is factored in improving overall health which is particularly important in these times of busy lives and poor diets. In addition, clients with immunosuppressed systems, with doctor support, will find the addition of Vitamin C injections a much easier way to ensure optimal health than adding supplements which contain fillers and are not easily absorbed by the body. Moreover ensuring the perfect diet is something most of us have difficulty accomplishing.

Vitamin B12 injections have been supported in studies to improve metabolism and boost energy, both of which will inevitably lead to weight loss. Added to that, B12 injections improve sleep patterns and also help with energy will but also aid in the alleviation of anxiety and the symptoms of other mood disorders.  Increased energy forms the foundation of productivity and a sense of accomplishment—all combined it is no wonder why B12 injections have been so integral to the lives of many clients.

B12 deficiency has also been traced as a reason for hair loss, so with a combined approach of PRP treatment for hair restoration and B12 injections (or injections alone), clients have a fighting chance at reversing what they might otherwise feel they need to accept as a part of the passage of time.

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Vitamin B12 Or Vitamin C Injection?

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