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The most outstanding evolution in the hair loss industry turns out to be the beautiful marriage of the art of tattoo and the science of skin. With so many remedies turning out to have been cost prohibitive, surgical, invasive and far too disappointing, scalp micropigmentation, known as SMP, offers clients realistic expectations and realistic results. SMP does not give you your hair back.  Rather, it yields the appearance of hair follicles, meticulously tattooed on the scalp with such incredible precision and realism that even someone standing next to you will not notice.  Scalp Micropigmentation can be done in localized areas like random patches, receding hairlines, baldness at the crown whorl, and/or over scars where hair will not grow. If hair loss is or is likely to become more widespread as it often is for men, SMP is done within a pre-drawn hairline gradually over several sessions to build a final, very natural, and very stylish look.

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For Women

Due to rarer conditions, women as well can experience full head hair loss and we are very accustomed to bringing back smiles in such cases.  However, we more commonly see lady clients with localized hair loss such as that which may be experienced due to hormonal fluctuations, alopecia or age. In cases such as these we approach the treatment in much the same way as we do with men but work to build greater density in order for the skin of the scalp to be virtually invisible amid the existing hair.

Whether you opt for a tidy freshly shaven scalp appearance or a look that appears more as a very close-cut bit of stubble, only a skilled and experience artist can accomplish your goals with advanced training and expertise.  The skin of the scalp is quite different from any other area of the body and, therefore, requires specialized training and thorough knowledge of the science of the dermis in order to achieve optimal results. Treatments are comfortable and so effective you can enjoy a low maintenance treatment that will stand the test of time.

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