The scalp skin is the thickest we have, believe it or not.  Thicker than the palms and soles, yet unlike them, the skin of the scalp is extremely complex and delicate.  It is for this reason that SMP artists require a unique, thorough understanding of this incredibly important tissue.  Owing to its job of protecting the most important organ of the body, its thickness is necessary.  However, the density of blood vessels surpasses anywhere else on the body and, consequently, injuries bleed a great deal and are likely to leave a scar from which hair is unlikely to grow.

Scar tissue is formed to protect the skin from further injury.  It is our body’s natural defence.  It is the formation of a different type of collagen that is denser, thicker and very fibrous. Working with it can be challenging, tattooing it even more so, but employing advanced techniques and tools a skilled artist can tattoo hair follicles within scarred tissue so carefully that not only will the scar become invisible, it will also soften in texture.  Your scars do not need to be noticeable to anyone, whether you have a full head of hair, whether you have lost some and want their appearance eliminated, and every scenario in between.  We have them covered.

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