PRP Hair Regeneration

Hair loss is an overly complex field with numerous “types” that are often not permanent.  Early intervention at the first sign of hair loss can teach the slowing follicular muscle to become active and produce a hair shaft.  Done over the scalp, thousands of follicles are re-stimulated into healthy, normal function.  However, sometimes even after some time, a PRP hair regeneration may still be successful depending on the reason/source of the hair loss.  PRP hair regeneration benefits are two-fold.  Firstly, your body’s own rich plasma, separated in a specialized centrifuge to isolate the rich product at the “root” of this incredible treatment is injected throughout the entire scalp OR in the localized areas of hair loss.  The plasma then sets to work within the dermal layer of the scalp to stimulate growth factors, the production of healthy cells and, most importantly hair shaft function.  Best of all, in addition, the simple act of gently pricking the scalp with fine needles containing your own plasma also does a remarkable job of regenerating regular activity thereby improving hair health and skin health overall.

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PRP Hair Regeneration?

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