PRP (Vampire) Facial

Platelet-rich plasma treatments have been yielding extraordinary results in both injury treatments as well as skin rejuvenation.  By using your body’s own plasma, separated from your blood, a host of skin concerns can be very effectively addressed.  PRP treatments are known to soften horizontal neck bands, correct dark and sunken under-eye circles, plump any area of the face and, when done all over the face, result in a glowing, fresh and youthful pallor that cannot be accomplished by skin creams or serums.  PRP is a remarkable innovation that capitalizes on the health of your own plasma to trigger the development of healthy growth factors, stimulate collagen production, dramatically increase cellular regeneration which slows with age, and restart the healthy production of sebum which is our skin’s own naturally produced moisturizer.  PRP holds outstanding promise for future discoveries and its affordability makes this a treatment everyone should factor into their anti-aging intervention.

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