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Over time our lips can lose contour. This is simply one of the many signs of age.  However, some of us are born with pale lips, some of us develop sensitivities to lipsticks and glosses which have been shown to contain a myriad of ingredients that do not support lip health. Using vegan and top of the line lip pigments, after carefully shaping the lip line to adjust symmetry and give the appearance of more fullness, your artist methodically tattoos your colour choice, keeping you comfortable throughout the session. A retouch session is always scheduled to amplify the colour and address any imperfections following healing, but as with eyeliner very little, if any, added adjustments may be required. With tattooed lips and care to protect from sun and environmental damage your lips will rejuvenate over time, begin to reproduce their natural healthy oil, and look youthful and healthy. In these new times of face masks, a lip treatment really does make incredible sense.  Behind a mask, while wearing lipstick, gloss or balm, a warm environment can cause irritation and inflammation to the lips and skin around them. We encourage you to take an internet tour of common lip product ingredients. Then, please call us and we will customize a beautiful luxe set of lips that you will wake up to every morning, grateful you decided to go for it!

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Semi Permanent Makeup?

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