Fat Dissolving Injections (Aqualyx)

Liposuction, fat freezing treatments, and all manner of fat reduction solutions have, quite obviously, been the subject of continued interest and debate. Getting rid of fat is no simple feat and it is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Sometimes they work well, other times, the side effects make the treatment not worth the cost or effort.  Aqualyx is an amazingly effective, simple, and affordable treatment that works by using ingredients your body produces naturally.  Injected into exercise resistant fatty areas, the treatment works by liquifying the fat cells enabling the body to wash them away through the lymphatic system. Over a series of several treatment sessions, a single area can be expertly treated with the removal of the fat cells irreversible.

Treatments are short and comfortable, the fat dissolution is permanent, it works on exercise-resistant areas extremely well and is all-natural. Downsize, with no downside.

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Fat Dissolving Injections?

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