Semi Permanent Makeup


A semi permanent makeup for eyeliner treatment is 100 percent customizable.  Whether you elect a simple enhancement to the lash line, something thicker and classic, or a liner with a powdery diffused contour, we will design for you a semi permanent eyeliner that will make you wonder why you did not come in sooner. No more smudging, always flawlessly in place. Add a wing or a wedge, a bit of colour for some pop and you can toss the pencils and tubes which have no doubt accumulated in your makeup drawer!

A touch up session of your semi permanent eyeliner is always scheduled to address any slight imperfections after initial healing, although it is not uncommon for a single session to be all you need. Clients are kept comfortable and the steady hand of your skilled, experienced artist makes this treatment as safe and straightforward as any other tattoo.  Many men, in fact, have sought out a subtle eyelash enhancement with semi permanent eyeliner as it simply adds dimension and depth. The treatment is fast, and you simply will not believe the transformation. Check out the gallery to see our incredible semi permanent eyeliner results for yourself.

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Semi Permanent Makeup?

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