Semi Permanent Makeup


Framing the beautiful windows to your soul, a beautifully shaped eyebrow can take 10 or more years off a woman’s appearance. Today’s average woman is busy, she wants to maintain an active lifestyle without worrying about cosmetics. If she is at an age where eyesight or hand tremors make makeup application difficult, or if she has seen her eyebrows thin and become sparse over time, permanent makeup is the absolute ideal solution. A professional artist shapes your brows to look most elegant yet natural. In 2 sessions (during which many are so comfortable they fall asleep) your eyebrows are tattooed in about an hour. Depending on the application you choose, your new brows can be expected to last 3 or more years, though a colour refresh is always recommended. Permanent makeup is safe, comparatively affordable next to high quality cosmetics and, best of all, require zero maintenance other than protection from the sun and elements.

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Semi Permanent Makeup?

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