Most of us who are caring routinely for our skin are, or try to be, well read on what products and ingredients work best for specific skin conditions. We cannot afford to waste money on products that exacerbate a skin concern rather than aid it.  Having said that, it is important to explain that since our skin is our body’s primary barrier, a great deal of what we put ON the skin, cannot penetrate it, and do the promised job. The uppermost layer of our skin, known as the epidermis, is actually comprised of several layers and is in a constant state of regeneration.  When older cells reach the surface, they are sloughed off either by washing or just through normal daily activity or sleep. Sometimes not all those cells leave the skin as they are meant to. They may remain due to an over-production of sebum (your skin’s natural oil), an over-application of skin products, or due to poor and/or incorrect daily maintenance. Dermaplaning involves the use of a “samurai” sharp blade run sidelong against the skin to gently lift and remove those long dead cells, without damage or disruption, thus permitting newer cells to replace them. Done regularly, the regeneration process is optimized, and certain skin conditions are often corrected—such as blemishes and localized dryness/age spots. Moreover, if you are prone to the occasional breakout, removing dead cells permits the natural oils to reach the surface rather than be clogged within the pore, leading to the infection which results in pimples. Dermaplaning is a critical element to ideal skin care.  It can be done in a lunch hour, following which the skin glows, feels smooth as velvet and optimizes absorption of skin care products.

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