Dermal Fillers

Just as with Botox, dermal fillers are comprised of natural ingredients to plump areas of the skin that have become lax or depressed from the age-related depletion of fat cells and proteins within dermal layer of the skin.  A skilled injectionist is like an artist.  With a deep scientific understanding of the complexity of the dermis, musculature, and fascial infrastructure, the injectionist can target small areas of concern to correct or to plump.  Clients commonly want fillers in their cheeks which not only lift and plump, but also soften naso-labial folds which develop from smiling.  Used on the lines beneath the mouth, known as marionette lines, the skin is smoothed, and the lines are diminished.  Injected into the lips, they appear fuller and peri-oral lines from talking, smoking or pursing are softened dramatically.  Within the tear trough clients with tired looking or sunken lower eyelids are transformed.  Clients who are bothered with the shape of their nose have lately turned to fillers for what has become the “non-surgical rhinoplasty” treatment which rather miraculously can straighten the bridge, soften the tip and create a straighter looking profile that looks so natural no one will notice.  Perhaps the best about dermal fillers is that they are long lasting (one year or more, depending on the treated area).  Where at one time the scalpel was the most common, and actually only way to lift and tighten, today, affordable, natural dermal fillers make cosmetic surgery a remote long term “maybe”.

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