Alopecia is indiscriminate.  It affects men and women, and onset can occur at any age without warning or reason.  Some believe it is genetic but so little is truly understood about this condition that it leaves clients exasperated and looking for help.  It is not necessarily permanent, but it can return at any time.  It is characterised either by full hair loss or full loss of hair all over the body.  As it is believed to be an auto-immune condition that mysteriously attacks the hair follicles, the skin itself is rendered sensitive and delicate.  Only a trained and experienced artist should be consulted to assist alopecia clients with scalp micropigmentation as without sound knowledge and understanding of the complexity and structure of the skin, treatments can be needlessly prolonged.

If you are a client who suffers from alopecia totalis, total loss of hair on the scalp, you are assured a carefully planned treatment using only the finest, all-natural pigments and equipment.  If you are an alopecia client who suffers from alopecia universalis, not only will we perform scalp micropigmentation, but we can also restore your eyebrows and offer a subtle eyelash enhancement (see tabs for permanent makeup for eyebrows and permanent makeup for eyeliner).

In either scenario, rest assured your results will be impeccable and you can resume your life without wigs, cosmetics, hairpieces, hats or scarves!

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